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We're pleased to announce new coverage for the gas Evolution CS/CTS now tuning 2014 5.3L gas trucks.  This update includes new exclusive features that will create buzz around a product designed to deliver cutting-edge technology and features partnered with impressive power gains.  At Edge, we are driven to perform.  Read more about the new custom features and power levels below.  
Custom Features:
Turn Off/On Active Fuel Management
Tire size adjustments from 26"-45"
Adjust Axle Gear Ration 2.5-6
Speed limiter adjustments 90-200
Torque management adjustments (On/Off for torque reduction on Upshift and Downshifts)
Power Levels:
Level 1: Transmission Tuning Only
Level 2: 5 Horsepower - 5 Foot Pounds of Torque 
Level 3: 15 Horsepower - 15 Foot Pounds of Torque 
Level 4: 18 Horsepower - 27 Foot Pounds of Torque
Please contact us with any questions.  Thank you for your continued to support.