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Bully Dog Releases New BDX Tuner

Bully Dog Releases New BDX Tuner

Bully Dog®'s new BDX is the world’s first autonomous tuning device – no PC or USB connections required! The BDX grabs all the files it needs (even custom tuning files) through an easy-to-use WiFi connection to the Internet during the install process. This is called Cloud Tune Delivery, and it’s only found on the Bully Dog BDX.

Bully Dog's new BDX Tuner is unlike any other tuner out there!

Get one today for a Low Cost of: $399.00!

Click this link to visit their website to see if this tuner fits your vehicle: www.bullydog.com


  • Posted on   10/14/16 at 12:30:35 PM   by Travis  | 
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