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You've experienced the buzz and results from our best-in-class product offering, the Juice with Attitude CS/CTS, for '13 and '14 RAM Cummins.  Today, we're thrilled to be first to market AGAIN for the 2015 RAM 6.7L Cummins!  Edge's announcement rolls all the great features, currently offered in our PN 31006 (Juice w/ Attitude CS) and PN 31106 (Juice w/ Attitude CTS), live for the '15 RAM 6.7L.  No new SKU, just added coverage, performance, and results that come standard with every Edge product. 

Many customers were eager to equip their 13/14 Cummins with a product that not only delivered on the features promoted, but backed those claims with power engineered for "wow" and top notch customer service.  Edge's Juice w/ Attitude CS/CTS did just that and will continue to do so with our 2015 coverage.  The team at Edge made it a priority to deliver this '15 RAM release as soon as we could, while maintaining the high level of quality and performance expected and delivered. 

Encourage your customers to order today!

Level 0: Stock 
Level 1: 25 Horsepower - 70 Foot Pounds of Torque 
Level 2: 40 Horsepower - 90 Foot Pounds of Torque 
Level 3: 50 Horsepower - 120 Foot Pounds of Torque 
Level 4: 65 Horsepower - 160 Foot Pounds of Torque 
Level 5: 80 Horsepower - 200 Foot Pounds of Torque 
Level 6: Up to 150 Horsepower - 360 Foot Pounds of Torque* 
* Indicates Hot Unlock Code.  Additional purchase and download required.  

. Tire size recalibration on dash
. Axle gear ratio adjustment
. Torque management adjustment
. Undetectable when truck is returned to stock
. No sending in PCMs for re-flashes

The Attitude CS or CTS monitor is a comprehensive gauge package that stays mounted in the cab of the truck and displays dozens of available parameters at a time.
. Scroll between screen layouts
. View pitch, roll, & G-force screens
. Ships with EGT Probe

EAS EXPANDABLE (items sold separately)
. Connect additional temp/pressure sensors and power switches