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Superchips is pleased to release 2013 RAM 5.7L HEMI tuning.  


has put lots of time and effort into this project to ensure Flashpaq (PN 3841 & 3842)delivers the power and features our dealers and customers have grown accustomed to.  An additional 23 HP and 46 lb-ft TQ is sure to make the '13 HEMI even more fun to drive.  Customers looking for economy, towing power, and peace of mind, by way of Flashpaq's powertrain warranty, will be pleased with the options now available to them.  As a dealer, you'll be pleased to know this '13 HEMI tuning is CARB compliant via Executive Order D-330-15.  Please review the list of features, release documents for download, and an updated jobber sheet below.  We appreciate your business and support.  Thanks for helping us make 2014 a great year!

2013 RAM 5.7L HEMI Features

Power Gains
+23 HP & +46 lb-ft TQ

Tuning Levels
  • 93 Performance
  • 91 Performance
  • 87 Performance
  • TOW
  • Mileage

Available Options
  • User-adjustable Rev & Speed limiters
  • Provides auto trans shift corrections when upgrading rear axle gears (Optimized)
  • Corrects speedometer when upgrading wheel and tire sizes (22.5"-42")
  • TPMS adjustability (22-56)
  • User adjustable idle-up features  (800-1600)
  • WOT shift 1-2
  • WOT shift 3-4 

If you have any questions or would like to ourder yours, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 717-867-1644. We thank you for your interest and we value your business!!